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Honda Accord Racecar for Sale


The Car is originally build by J.A.S Motorsport in Milano - This car has been very success full in our Championship

and some well known guys has been driving this Car - one of the most know is James Thompson, James had made many wins in this fantastic car. Last year we decided to fully rebuild this car, not for sale but for internally use by Our daughter Anne Sofie Hartmann - Anne Sofie was planned to join the Danish racing series in this car, but after a accident (as passenger in a roadcar) in the beginning of 2014, she has decided to put her entry on hold.

So now this FULLY REBUILD car is for sale, race ready, just put fuel in an go !


The Car specs is following:


Honda Accord S2000 Spec.

Engine : Honda K20 2.0L Build by Neil Brown (UK) 290PS +

Gearbox: Xtrac 416 - 6 speed  with differential Adjustable preload

Suspension: KW 3-Way dampers special made for Honda Accord

ECU - Euro 6 with 4 maps

DASH / Logger - 2D Big dash with CAN logger - sensors on dampers, brake pressure, tyre temp. G-force

and more

Electric - HP8440 Powerbox nevest specs.


The car is delivered with a sparepart packet, setup sheets and PC with software

We would assist with open mind how to service and maintain this buityful car, hoping the new owner will respect

and service this car as we always has.


Please contact us for more info.