Powerbox HP8440 & HP8441 PC Software (Windows)

Powerbox HP8440 & HP8441 Hex File Library - Please note files are included in the PC installation.

Powerbox HP8440 & HP8441 Config Files, Documents, Nice to know and other usefull informations:

Techinal Manual explaining the features

Pinout explanation HP8440

Pinout explanation HP8441

Config File from Hartmann Racing - open in Powerbox software

Config File from Hartmann Racing - open in Powerbox software

Example of Config file with HP9642 Membrane Panel

Pinout - How to Connect USB

How to enable password menu

FT232 USB Chip manufactorer - link to get the newest USB Windows Drivers

Datasheet for HP8440 Connectors Deutch

How to set delay on and off on outputs

How to restrict the menus using the password feature

HP8451 Analog to CAN module

Analog to CAN module HP8451V6 Manual

How to Wire up HP8451

Schematic of the Board

Wiring UP CANUSB Interface

HP8441 Harness - Generic

File of the Harness for HP8441

Visio File of the Harnss HP8441

HP9642 - Membrane Panel

Changed Layout for Powerbox setting - this makes it possible to select the LED´s as on indicator

Toggle - 3 step - 4 Step - Toggle - Momentary - Adjustable Brightnedd in Backlight - Led´s

Technical Specifikation Ver. 1

PCB Readside Specs.

Example Sheet

Example Sheet

HP8480 - Master Switch

Technical Manual HP8480 IMS (Intilligent Master Switch)

Pinout HP8480 Masterswitch

Sizes of the unit